The island of Bali sets itself apart from the rest of Indonesia. It is the colorfully spiritual and uniquely Hindu center of this nation.

The smiles with which visitors are greeted never end. The stone temples and statues carefully decorated with fresh follows shows the dedication the people of Bali have to their faith. Tripping over offerings scattered everywhere happens constantly to clumsy outsiders, such as myself.

You are never far away from the next ceremony. Traffic will constantly grind to a halt as a local parade or wedding blocks the road.

I have had the luck to spend a month on this lush and colorful island. It is mystic and ripe for exploration. From the more populous and touristy south to the peacefully and isolated north of the island there is something for everyone. You can do yoga and spa treatments in Ubud or go diving in turquoise waters near Permuteran.

Bali is truly a magical island which must be visited by anyone who has any love for travel.