Germans are known for their love of candy.  It is world famous and for a good reason.  I love German chocolate, gummy bears and any combination thereof.  Its availability and deliciousness is only surpassed by beer.

However, there is one evil hellspawn of candy, which must have been forged in the sulfur pits of hell in order to make up for all the heavenly sweet goodness in the German world.  

Salted licorice.

This combination is one of the most perverse things that I have ever tasted.  It has more in common with salted chips than it does with anything resembling candy.  The fact that it hides behind the disguise of sugarcoated candy makes it twice as evil. An unsuspecting American eating this appealing, seemingly scrumptious sweet is severely punished by the initial horrific shock of the foul taste of the “sweet”, followed by an aftertaste that no fluid can wash away.   Well, at least for me neither water nor coffee did the trick.