5 German beers which you have to try

Germany is, with good reason, the land of beer.  Germans have crafted beer brewing to perfection and the degree to which they use the subtlety of flavors and aromas is how they make the best beer possible.  In German beer, you can experience all the amazing things that make Deutschland great in one amazing beverage.  If you consider youself a beer expert, then here are five beers which you have to try.

  • Augustiner Edelstoff

Augustiner Edelstof is the finest crafted beer and best tasting beer I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.  Brewed in Munich, it is not well known around the world, it is what a true "Müncher Kindl" drinks on a everyday basis.  This beer is already a step up from their exceptional Helles, with even better ingredients. It is perfection in balance between bitterness, fullness and aroma.  With enough carbonation to make it incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day by the grill but enough full flavor to be enjoyed on a frigid winter day.  It is the master of flavor and perfect for every situation.  It is truly amazing.  If you can find it, give it a try and if you are in bavaria pick up a case.  You will thank me.



  • Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

For those that know Bavaria, a wheat beer and not a maß, is the main liquid refreshment of the Bavarians.  This hazy beer is enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It has a malty flavor and a slight aroma of oranges.  A Weizen isn't a very light beer however it is much more refreshing than many dark beers.  Bavarians also say that it is extremely healthy.  Well, as healthy as a beer can be.  Being that it is partially filtered it has many vitamins that are carried in the yeast which are filtered out of other beers.  So, do something for your health and enjoy a wheat beer. 

  • Päffgen Kölsch

On top of the fact that Päffgen Kölsch has a lot of umlauts, it is the finest of the Cologne brews.  It is well balanced in bitterness and fullness with the same light carbonation that all Kölsch beers have.  However, one thing that makes this beer truly unique is that you can only drink it in Cologne.  Päffgen Kölsch is only available in select Cologne locations and it is not for sale in a bottle or keg.  This alone insures that every Päffgen Brauhaus is always full to the brim with locals getting what they cannot have anywhere else.  So, for the best Kölsch experience you will have to make your way to Cologne and stay awhile.

  • Kneitinger Bock

I heard about Kneitinger Bock before I moved to Regensburg.  It is well known and praised among beer connoisseurs in Bavaria and that is saying something.  Brewed in the heart of Regensburg, an amazingly beautiful medeval city, it is a dark beer with a slightly fruity malted taste to it and it isn't a bitter as most dark beers. Therefore it isn't too heavy and it can be enjoyed quite rapidly.  It is great beer for winter or enjoyed with a hearty German meal.  However, be careful as this beer has alcohol content 6.8 Vol%.  Just like the goat on the label, it has one hell of a kick! 



  • Becks

If you haven't heard of Becks then you have been doing something wrong.  It is standard go-to beer of Germany and probably the most well-known German beer outside of Germany.  Brewed in Bremen, it is light and refreshing without overdoing any complicated flavors.  It's green bottle and label are recognized immediatly.  It doesn't strive to be extraordinary, it just tastes good.  Pick up a six pack of Becks and have a good time.