Saving Money While Shopping Online


I, like a lot of people, am addicted to online shopping.  Amazon is my crack.  I live in Germany and being that I from the US I always check out in order to see how I can take advantage of the exchange rate.  But there is a better option.

While on vacation, for a week in London, I was shocked at the prices of CD’s, video games and DVDs.  With the exchange rate, it can often be significantly cheaper than in the US and Germany.  The prices structure for these items was set up when the Pound was much stronger than it is now.  But the pricing structure has not adjusted. 

This even works for electronic devices.  I recently purchased the IQ Fine T Tea machine from where it costs £75 (84€ and the time this was written).  On it costs $198.88 (134€ at the time this was written) and it isn’t even available on

And there are more advantages over the price.  You don’t have to worry about customs because it is from the EU and shipping is much quicker than it would be from the US.  For electronic devices all you need is a plug adapter (UK to EU) whereas electronics from the US you will need a step-up converter for the voltage difference.

Of course one disadvantage is that most of the media is in English only.  So, if you have issues playing a video game in English this isn’t for you.  But for expats and Germans who aren’t bothered by the English than it's great.  Also, be sure to shop around, as this exchange rate leverage isn’t always advantageous.  I have found the camera lenses are more expensive on the UK sites than in both Germany and the US.

In the end, it can save you tons of money.


Top UK Sites

There is no place to shop better than Amazon.

The customs advantage doesn’t always apply in the case of HMV because products are shipped from Jersey Island, which belongs, to the UK but not to the EU. 


If you want to recommend any Online Shopping Sites in the UK, please, let me know.